Clearer picture of Axfood’s development

… through a report highlighting the company's contribution to quality of life 

Axfood is one of Sweden's leading grocery companies, with a vision to be a leader in affordable, good and sustainable food. The Group consists of a business family of different concepts in collaboration, and the company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1997.

In 2023, investments in digitalisation, automation and the Group's customer offering continued. The Annual and Sustainability Report gives the reader a good description of how Axfood has developed its logistics structure, implemented investments in solar cells, worked on phasing out fossil fuels, developed a strategy for biodiversity and focused on organic and healthy products. 

2023 was a year that defined the company's strong position in a changing time, where sought-after concepts and offerings contributed to the company's growth and increased market share. Axfood and Solberg have collaborated on the company's Annual and Sustainability Report since 2021, with support including project management, advice, design and production.

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Anders Gustavsson

Senior Consultant and IR Advisor