About Solberg

A driving force for sustainable business

The world is complex, the trends are global and the competition is razor sharp. Today, companies must understand and take advantage of the rapid development and take responsibility for their own impact on the outside world.

What the brand stands for and what the business delivers must match. Companies must also be good at telling what they do, what is unique in their business and how they create value for themselves, their stakeholders and society at large. They must be transparent, honest and genuine.

That's where we want to contribute. That's why we exist.

Let's introduce ourselves

Solberg is a communication agency that works with corporations and organisations wanting to increase sustainability in business and society.

We are professionals in corporate communication, branding and sustainability. We are passionate about identifying, developing and communicating the values that our customers create. The breadth of our expertise means that we understand the customer's business and can take a holistic approach that benefits several parts of this business.

We like to challenge our customers while being there as a safe and unpretentious support. Together we develop strategies and communication solutions that have impact. We help our customers to create sustainable business and societal benefits through strategic and creative solutions in financial communication, sustainability, branding and PR.

Our approach to corporate communication and our role

We promise the power to change

We help by identifying, developing and communicating our customers' important values. It's about telling what's important, for real.

Strategic and creative solutions in one place

We offer advice and services at all stages of the project, from idea to implementation. We are happy to challenge but are always there as a safe support. We are specialists with backgrounds in finance, sustainability, journalism, design and marketing. Our breadth means that we see the big picture and create effective strategic and creative solutions.

Strengthens the whole: brand, business and sustainability

It's all connected. Seeing the big picture, not just the parts, creates valuable synergies. By combining our different specialist knowledge, we can take a holistic approach that benefits several parts of the customer's business.

An unpretentious, close and fun collaboration

Our customers have high ambitions. They demand a lot from themselves and from us. We solve it by working in tight, unpretentious teams, really close to the customers. This is how we focus fully on creating results, while having fun together along the way.

Safe and efficient processes and tools

A well-thought-out process is the ultimate aim for every project and communication effort. Our customers can trust us to deliver quality – at the right time. We have refined our processes and methods. Combined with high flexibility, this process provides effective collaborations and good results.

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