Public Relations

PR is about relations. It is about a company's long-term relationship with the stakeholders who affect the company's business goals or the ability to achieve its business goals. Relationships that build brand.

Communication is usually divided into three different kinds of PR: the attention that you create in your own channels, the attention that you pay for, and finally the one that you deserve in other media. We always start from the business goals to be able to identify the company's stakeholders. In that phase, we often do a customer and stakeholder analysis that provides knowledge about what defines, drives and engages the stakeholders – but also about the importance of the company and the products for the stakeholders.

With a secure knowledge of the company's goals and stakeholders, we then set the messages to be communicated. Simple, straightforward wording that tells you what the target groups should know, what they should feel and what they should do after embracing the communication. It's about meaning, not copy.

The stakeholder analysis also adds colour to the company's tonality; how the target groups should perceive the company. The analysis also sets the framework for how we can reach the stakeholders together – through which channels we should communicate. The question we then ask ourselves is how we can balance the communication mix: What content should we create for the company's own channels? Which podcasts or publications is it worth buying access to? What surveys, initiatives and reports can we produce to create news and buzz in the media?

Finally, we measure, analyse and increase the activities. All strategies are preliminary. The more we know about the outcome, the more effective we can make them through additions and adjustments.

We are your sounding board and are always there for you. Our experience and expertise create security and challenge you to develop PR that leads to results. We help you to formulate concrete strategies and carry out the activities that create the movement you want.

Our Public Relations services

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  • Media training
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